We REBRANDED! And this is our true mileSTONE.

Enxoo changed its visual identity! Here’s why.

That’s right – Enxoo (with capitalized “E”), it’s not a mystification. From now on, we’re officially grown-ups.

Hello. I'm Enxoo
Hello. We’re Enxoo.

Why have we rebranded?

You can see the new look anywhere we’re out in public, like our website, social media, and trade-fairs; but that’s not the only thing that’s different. Since our founding in 2011, we’ve transformed in many ways. But in the last few years, we’ve changed quite a lot. Our business has evolved and developed, actively responding to the market, clients, and partners’ needs. Our company grew from a small-sized enxoo to become a mature and confident Enxoo brand. Today the organization is permanently growing and Enxoo does not only respond, but also participates in changing and transforming the world.

Almost 10 years challenge at Enxoo
#almost10yearschallenge – From a small-sized enxoo, we’re now mature and confident Enxoo!

Using our know-how and years of experience in creating Industry Cloud Solutions, we’ve decided to focus on two main businesses, and developed our products for customers. Today, we’re a specialized guide in digital transformation. We are Enxoo. A team of industry experts, business leaders, system architects, and product designers who are passionate about growing the Communications and Real Estate industries. But in the jungle of transformation we don’t forget about people. Such significant change touches the relationships with clients, partners, and employees. Thus we provide our clients with a holistic HR app – Skilo, horizontally suited to every business, to provide unique growth experience for employees.

Those’re solid assumptions. They needed SOLID foundations

The old look started to chafe. Our design goal was to better match the way we look to our values and the partners we cooperate with.

The new identity had to satisfy all of the existing expectations of what our original brand stands for, while simultaneously moving forward to acknowledge the maturity, yet simplicity of our mission and vision.

All around us we see great potential in companies. And that exact outstanding value in perceiving the world from different perspectives we emphasized with the new brad visibility. Our identity system consists of a single 3D solid that has many possible arrangements – . The logo is a reminder that it’s possible to change the perspective, and at the same time – remain true to oneself. The ability to do that is, what we believe, the definition of a good digital transformation.

Enxoo solid from different perspectives
There’s great value in perceiving the world from different perspectives.

Have you ever wondered how to read our name? Hope this short video will clarify it a bit!

Repeat with us: /En-Ex-Oh/! Easy, right?

We believe the new look better matches what we’ve become: a growth partner, being not a solution provider but a specialized digital transformation guide.

We’re pretty darn happy with it and hope you are too!

Check out Enxoo Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/enxooteam/

Find out more about Enxoo: https://www.enxoo.com/about-us/

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