Streamlining OTS Compliance: A Roadmap for UK Telcos

With the September 12th deadline of Ofcom’s One Touch Switch (OTS) mandate on the horizon, UK telecom operators are gearing up for a pivotal moment. While the deadline for compliance has been shifted, the challenge remains formidable. The pressure is mounting, with hefty fines looming for non-compliance. In this critical juncture, telecom companies are urgently seeking solutions to navigate the technical intricacies and stringent SLAs accompanying OTS implementation.

Driven by a consumer-centric approach, the UK government’s policy on enhancing telecommunications services underscores the importance of empowering customers in their choice of providers. Central to this initiative is the adoption of the One Touch Switch (OTS) approach, which places the responsibility on the gaining provider to facilitate the switching process seamlessly. By eliminating the need for customers to engage with their current provider before switching, the OTS framework aims to enhance consumer choice and convenience.

However, beneath the surface of this consumer-focused policy lies a complex web of technical intricacies and stringent service level agreements (SLAs) that telecom operators must navigate. While the primary goal remains empowering consumers, ensuring compliance with OTS regulations necessitates a thorough understanding of the technical and operational challenges involved. This includes optimizing network infrastructure, enhancing data security measures, and implementing robust customer support mechanisms to facilitate smooth transitions between providers.

Understanding OTS challenges:
OTS compliance entails meeting multiple workflow steps between Gaining – OTS Hub – Losing parties with rigorous Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and response time. From responding to match requests within seconds to dispatching impacts of switching promptly, telecom operators face the daunting task of ensuring maximum automation to uphold OTS standards.

These are just some examples to illustrate the situation.

  • Response to an OTS match request – 95% within 60 seconds
  • Dispatch of impacts of switching by email/SMS – 60 seconds of receipt of a match request from the gaining provider in 99% of cases
  • Acceptance or rejection of switch order – 95% within one hour, 99% within 2 hours

Enxoo’s Role in Telecom Transformation:
As a trusted guide to the digital transformation of the telecommunications industry, Enxoo stands ready to fully support UK Service Providers through all order capture and fulfillment processes, including seamless switching suppliers. Thanks to over 15 years of experience in the telecommunications market and knowledge from over 250 completed projects worldwide, he perfectly understands the nuances of the OTS process.

Enxoo can properly guide operators to become OTS capable in as little as 3- months. It can focus on the integration layer to and from the OTS Hub, adapting to the systems that operators have, or propose its own BSS system, streamlining all key processes. Make sure to watch these videos to see Enxoo’s potential to transform operators. Discover the success stories of Upp and Nexera.

Don’t wait until the deadline approaches—seize the opportunity to streamline your operations, meet SLAs, and enhance the customer experience. Contact Enxoo today to embark on your journey towards OTS compliance and unlock new avenues for success in the evolving telecommunications landscape.