API – Automation and Acceleration of Inter-Operator Business Transactions

Nexera, Poland’s first exclusively large-scale wholesale telecommunications operator, has launched a Network API that enables service providers to rapidly connect and deploy services across its infrastructure in Poland. Enxoo helped to deploy the multi-cloud, API-first platform that includes the full integration of an OSS/BSS solution with Nexera’s network infrastructure. In October 2020, Nexera won the Global Carrier Awards 2020 in the category of Best OSS/BSS deployment. In a joint interview, Jacek Wiśniewski (CEO at Nexera) and Artur Ostrowski (CCO at Enxoo) talk about the drivers, benefits, and future developments of open APIs and automation.

What does The Global Carrier Awards mean to you?

Jacek Wisniewski (J.W.)

Winning in the category “Best OSS/ BSS Deployment ” at the Global Carrier Awards 2020 is just proof that our way to create a fully automated IT environment is recognized all over the world. 

Artur Ostrowski (A.O.)

First of all, Enxoo is very proud to be the partner of such a reputable and industry-recognized service provider as Nexera. At the same time, this award makes us realize that our work is relevant and that we not only help our client but also the industry to move forward.  

For Nexera, what were the drivers behind developing an open Network API?


Interoperability between telecom service providers is still a challenge. While many of the commercial contracts exist, the technical aspects, especially the data exchange model of processes, are not fully automated – they are manual or semi-automated. 

How do Nexera’s partners benefit from the open Network API?


Nexera’s partners can benefit greatly from the API. First of all by getting immediate access to Nexera’s network infrastructure to provision and order services in a frictionless way. They can address the demand of the new customers, and they can offer comprehensive network solutions over its own, but also Nexera’s network. Finally, they can benefit from reduced operating costs and increased efficiency. 

What was the benefit of working with Enxoo in developing the network?


Enxoo is an expert in digital transformation, automation, OSS, BSS. They are supporting us in developing our systems and platforms. Thanks to their knowledge, experience, and engagement we were able to create, in a very short time, outstanding IT systems and a fully integrated OSS/BSS solution.

How does Enxoo see API-first strategies evolving over time? What can service providers achieve in the future?


There are a few things that are certain in the future: There will be more change, there will be more unexpected events happening, and there will be more partnerships required as the ecosystem is becoming more complex. 

If we had a robust open API standard, we would be able to enable carrier interoperability in a much faster way. So, it is our duty as the industry to prioritize the creation of such standards to give service providers unprecedented access and control over network assets and services. 

How will third-party APIs support the growth and development of Nexera’s business?


To create new opportunities in the digital world you have to focus on creating a foundation, the base. Nexera’s base is an open API. We don’t know really what will happen in the future, but thanks to open API we are able to adjust our systems to requirements that are unknown today.

Why does the industry need open and standardised network APIs?


It is all about agility. In those times when the changes are coming so quickly, it is about having a platform and acting in the ecosystem in a nimble and agile way. The open API standards are a key fundament for service providers to achieve such flexibility and to enable them to act quickly to the changing environment. 

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