Carrier IT operations at the next level

Telecom operators have partners and customers who increasingly demand fast service delivery and effective incident management. Dated and legacy IT infrastructure can prevent operators from handling these new requirements which can result in significant delays, poor customer experiences, and errors, such as inaccurate billing or pricing. Read more about how to streamline your IT operations.

In addition, running, managing, and maintaining on-premise IT infrastructure and applications can be a big cost burden for telco operations. Disconnected systems can also impact the mindset of the whole organisation and create silos between departments, resulting in inefficiencies, communication blocks, poor operational visibility, and performance.

But, there is a way to overcome these challenges: Enxoo for Communications is a flexible, cloud-based BSS solution that provides automation of key business processes, closes the gap with OSS platforms, and enables carrier interoperability, eventually simplifying IT operations.

Close the gap between BSS and OSS

Enxoo for Communications is a comprehensive BSS solution tailored to the needs of the telecom industry. The API-ready framework enables smooth integration with OSS solutions and external ERP and ESP software, removing the complexity of integrating multiple systems. In this way, operators are able to rapidly quote, order, provision, and invoice wholesale services across their network. 

Take advantage of the cloud

Enxoo for Communications is a cloud-based solution, reducing the need for internal computing resources and eliminating hidden costs like integration maintenance. By adopting cloud technology, telcos can become more agile and cost-effective by up-/downscaling IT requirements as needed.

Benefit from the Salesforce ecosystem

Enxoo for Communications is built natively on the world-leading Salesforce® Platform and has tight integration with Salesforce products, including Sales, Service, and Community Cloud. In this way, telcos benefit from a seamless business process on a single platform, a single user interface, and a 360-degree view of customer data and interactions.

Business outcome:

– Simplified IT operations – no servers, no need to worry about the performance

– Reduced IT / IS costs

– Removed complexity of integrating multiple systems

– Increased agility and flexibility

– Smooth integration with OSS platforms

– Improved partner communication through interoperability

– Enhanced customer experience