Arelion’s existing billing process was handled by an external system which was disconnected from the Salesforce-based sales process and not fully integrated with the ERP system.

Contracts and related changes had to be rewritten or manually adjusted, resulting in human errors, inaccurate billing data, and additional cost.

Another challenge was the complex handling of multiple tax systems for 31 countries, including North America, where compliance with regulatory requirements was managed by a semi-manual process, drawing data from tax software Avalara.

Arelion needed a new and automated solution that would minimize manual work, reduce cost, eliminate billing errors, and speed up the overall billing process.


To accelerate its billing process and optimize the overall quote-to-cash cycle, Arelion chose Enxoo to integrate the FinancialForce billing platform with Enxoo’s Salesforce-native CPQ solution.

The API-first and open architecture design enable seamless communication and data exchange with other systems and software, including ERP,  Avalara, and the customer self-service portal.

 The new solution provides Arelion with an automated billing process, from service delivery to billing item generation based on sales contracts, to billing execution with invoice generation and delivery, and to forwarding of accounting data to finance. In addition, the system automatically identifies and handles necessary credit notes.


The integration between FinancialForce and the Enxoo CPQ has empowered Arelion to fully automate its billing cycle, reducing the cost ot the entire billing process by 30%.

The automation of the billing process ensures the billing team’s contribution is focused on their area of expertise and most important tasks.

The seamless communication between systems resulted in a faster quote-to cash cycle and an improved accuracy of billing items and invoices.

Enxoo has delivered other projects for Arelion, including a CPQ replacement, a customer self-service portal, and Salesforce CRM integration with Pardot.