Enxoo Empowers iSTYLE: Elevating Customer Loyalty and Marketing Relevance

The initiative aimed to create a single source of truth about customers and their shopping experiences, both in physical stores and on e-commerce platforms, utilizing Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud solutions. The goal was to increase customer satisfaction by meticulously monitoring and enhancing shopping experiences. Simultaneously, the focus was on designing effective, personalized marketing campaigns, harnessing the potential of automation and in-depth analysis.

About Client

iSTYLE is an Apple Premium Reseller, operating in the CEE market in 9 countries. It offers a comprehensive range of Apple products, including Macs, iPads, iPhones, Apple Watches, and AirPods, along with a diverse portfolio of accessories, software, and services.

The Challenge

Ever-increasing competition and the necessity to stand out among other Apple retailers prompted iSTYLE to seek an expert’s assistance in building and integrating B2C and B2B communication channels and customer service. The aim was to enhance customer satisfaction in the face of a large amount of dispersed data and the need to create a single source of customer purchase satisfaction data across multiple countries and platforms. 

Additionally, iSTYLE aimed at increasing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and creating personalized messages to better resonate with their diverse customer base. 

The Solution

iSTYLE chose Enxoo as an experienced expert in Salesforce marketing automation solutions, capable of fostering lasting customer relationships and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

An integral part of the service scope was data synchronization between Marketing Cloud and CRM, facilitating the extraction of invoice information for NPS campaigns and creating survey records.

Automated personalized campaigns, employing landing pages and emails, were employed to collect customer feedback on purchases. Automated email notifications were sent to shop managers to monitor customer interactions closely.

The Results

The ability to create personalized marketing campaigns and continually enhance customer interactions with iStyle to boost sales and customer satisfaction. Activities based on analytics and reports support effective decision-making. Einstein Central Optimization enabled iSTYLE to fully automate its marketing campaigns, resulting in a 5% increase in open rates and a 4-point rise in click-through rates.

Meanwhile, plant protection product distributors have gained access to an intuitive and user-friendly online ordering system, resulting in faster and more efficient ordering of these products. Faster response times to purchases across the region. Enhanced consistency of invoice data across countries.

Establishment of a unified source of truth about customers, ensuring accurate and reliable insights for strategic decision-making.

Scalable reporting of thousands of survey results into internal reports with insights for the entire region, individual shops, and managers.

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