Enxoo among the laureates of “Forbes Diamonds” 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Enxoo has been recognised among the laureates of the prestigious “Forbes Diamonds.” This remarkable achievement validates our effectiveness and dynamic growth in company value over the past three years.

Criteria for the “Forbes Diamonds” Ranking

“Forbes Diamonds” is an annual ranking that distinguishes companies achieving the most significant increase in value over the past three years. The results of this prestigious ranking are based on the Swiss method of assessing a company’s value. Key criteria include financial results from 2017-2021, asset value, payment history, payment credibility, and the absence of negative legal events.

Enxoo – Key Success Factors

Our company has been recognised not only for dynamic growth but also for financial solidity, a reliable payment history, and a positive legal environment. This acknowledgment reflects our dedicated efforts and ability to maintain stability in a dynamic business landscape.

Thanks to Clients and Partners

We extend heartfelt thanks to our clients and partners for their invaluable contributions to our success. It is through collaboration and the trust they place in us that we achieve exceptional results. Together with you, Enxoo continues to grow and develop, ready for future challenges.

Learn more about our participation in Forbes Diamonds [here]

Together with the reliable Enxoo team, we look to the future with enthusiasm!