Enxoo API Hub

Connect to your partners and enable a unified way to do business with you.

With rising operational costs, declining margins and customers demanding real-time delivery, CSPs are under pressure to optimize their business processes. Outdated architectures, siloed databases and manual processes for buying and selling services are becoming unsustainable and are holding carriers back.

Why adopt API industry standards?

Accelerate service delivery, with reports of an average 25% reduction in order cycle times
Boost revenue opportunities by becoming a preferred provider
Improve customer experience and loyalty
Prepare your organization for NaaS- network-as-a-service
Achieve inter-carrier service automation with Enxoo API Hub
Our goal is to make selling and buying quick and easy for our customers. With no customizations required you can enable a unified way for your partners - buyers & sellers to do business with you – get quotes, place orders and access the data that is relevant to them.

Enxoo API Hub enhances your existing IT systems by adding a MEF-compliant business-process orchestration layer. This unifies multiple disjoint systems and data sources, enabling seamless serviceability, quoting, and ordering processes for the external world.

Why Enxoo API Hub?

Out of the box solution.

No guesswork. Based on industry expertise.  We got certified in MEF so you don’t have to.

Built for quick deployment.

Implementation time is between 3-5 months (depending on the option)

Open for future extensions.

Digitize your operations step by step. APIs can be easily adapted and extended to cover additional areas

Built on proven, enterprise-grade integration platform from MuleSoft©

Utilize great technology which can serve a wider purpose.
How can Enxoo API Hub help your business succeed?
Enxoo API Hub enables Network Sellers to showcase network capabilities to partners via an automated, API-driven channel. Eliminate manual operations, automate serviceability, and boost revenue with Enxoo API Hub.
How to get started with Enxoo API Hub?
To simplify your API Journey and hit the ground running, we developed a range of packaging options. From basic functionality to get you started through to full MEF LSO Sonata API functionality, and beyond to a bespoke package that will meet your custom needs.


Implement basic functionality to get started with MEF LSO Sonata APIs
  • 4 baseline endpoints Address, POQ, Quote, Order
  • 1 product payload, Access E-Line 
or Internet Access
  • 2 back-end integrations included


Deliver all critical MEF LSO Sonata APIs for zero-touch pre-quote, quote and ordering processes
  • 6 endpoints, Core + Site, Inventory
  • 2 product payloads, Access E-Line & Internet Access
  • 4 back-end integrations
  • Inter-op testing coordination


Tailor-made setup to fit your own MEF LSO Sonata APIs Implementation roadmap

Enxoo API Hub is powered by MuleSoft

MuleSoft Anypoint is a powerful integration and API platform that allows organizations to connect various systems, applications, and data sources.

To streamline and enhance integration processes, MuleSoft utilizes a range of integration patterns which provide valuable tools to address various integration challenges.

MuleSoft provides prebuilt connectors, templates, and integration patterns to connect to hundreds of systems, accelerating time-to-market and digital transformations.

Enxoo API Hub is based on MEF

MEF has developed standards-based Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) business process APIs and operational APIs that uniquely provide the high fidelity (tightly defined context), plug-and-play interoperability, and extensibility required to enable service providers to “invest once” and efficiently scale implementations with many partners and services.

MEF currently offers a robust set of LSO Sonata business APIs for address validation, site query, product offering qualification, quote, product order, product inventory, trouble ticketing and incidents, appointment, work order, and billing and settlement supporting Carrier Ethernet Access E-Line and Internet Access services.

Enxoo is a MEF member and a LSO API Solution Provider & Implementation Partner.

How leading companies embrace MEF API

Discover why industry-leading companies are embracing MEF API to gain a competitive edge, and how our solution empowers you to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving wholesale market.

Our ambition was to create a single, universal system, setting the standards of operation of entities on the telecommunications market. We are proud that we managed to successfully implement this innovative system.
Jacek Wiśniewski, CEO at NEXERA

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