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Magdalena Juszczyk

Solution Engineer at Enxoo

Adam Maciejek

Enterprise Solutions Consultant at Enxoo


Step into the future with Enxoo at Africa 2024 GCCM!

Enxoo is thrilled to be part of Carrier Community’s Africa 2024 GCCM, where over 300 decision-makers from Tier-1, Tier-2, and Tier-3 operators will gather to shape the digital landscape of Africa.

Join us for insightful discussions and networking opportunities! Engage with our experts, Magdalena Juszczyk, Solution Engineer, and Adam Maciejek, Enterprise Solutions Consultant, as they share invaluable insights into digital transformation strategies tailored for the telecom industry.

Embark on a journey towards digital excellence with Enxoo, your trusted partner for modern cloud-based solutions powered by Salesforce.

Let’s navigate the future together at Africa 2024 GCCM.

Enxoo White Paper: What wholesale carriers should consider before adopting an Inter-Carrier API strategy

Have you noticed that APIs have been a primary topic driving transformation initiatives for many CSPs? Answering this trend, we have prepared a White Paper covering all the issues which wholesale carriers should consider before implementation of an Inter-Carrier API strategy!

Inter-provider APIs are considered essential for wholesale carriers to develop and manage services across various partner networks in real-time. Nonetheless, there are numerous crucial elements to contemplate prior to implementing this API approach.

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