Marketing Automation Breakfast

Ready for your marketing transformation?

Join us during the business breakfast to learn how to fully utilize AI and Marketing Automation tools’ full potential and:

➡️ Personalize communication: you will learn ways to build marketing strategies that catch customers’ attention and win their hearts.
➡️ Build customer loyalty: you will see tried and tested strategies to strengthen the bond between your customers and your brand and build a long-lasting customer relationship.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to:
➡️ Consult your case: our experts will be available to help you understand how Marketing Automation and Salesforce platform could be beneficial for your individual business case.
➡️ Network: Meet with other professionals, share your ideas and experiences and establish new business connections.

Join us and start your marketing strategy transformation now!


  • Salesforce: Data & Marketing & AI – a response to changing customer and market behaviors
  • Salesforce: Data & Marketing & AI – in practice
  • Case study of AI solutions in an e-commerce company
  • Increasing customer satisfaction – an automotive company success story
  • Breakfast and individual consultations with MA Experts
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Why should you join?

Enxoo specializes in digital transformation projects. Our mission is to help organizations achieve business objectives, from increasing revenue to aligning goals for growth. At Enxoo, we help organizations implement technology and use it to strengthen their operations. We bring extensive experience across multiple Salesforce clouds. We are one of the fastest growing Salesforce partners in Europe.


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