Excellence at every step of the customer journey

The changing market conditions and constantly rising expectations of telecom customers have challenged carriers to innovate and transform the way they operate. Today, quick and accurate response to customer demand has become more important than ever before – this is also true for the order management process. 

Many operators still struggle with a long-lasting order management process, resulting in the inability to deliver a one-step-shop customer experience and high operational costs. How to successfully change and manage this?

Fully streamlined process with automated serviceability checks 

Telco operators should eliminate the use of a manual order management process and streamline their order capture with a centralised tool that can receive, validate, and decompose orders from different channels into smaller easily allocated tasks. Generally, accurate order starts with accurate and validated feasibility checks.

For instance, access can represent more than 50% of deal value, carrying out 75% of the project cost base. When you take into account a typical reseller margin 20-30%, the access element can make a deal of profitability.                

Enxoo for Communications offers end-to-end automation in the area of order management, including automated feasibility checks, quoting in real-time.

The solution offers benefits with better accuracy, lowering cost bases, automation as well as quicker response. 

Reduced overheads

An orchestrated Order Management and Provisioning process are critical for reliable, timely, and consistent delivery of products and services. A properly adopted BSS platform integrated with OSS provides telecom operators with industry-specific order management workflows, enabling them to deliver services in a faster and more efficient way – all this with reduced manual overheads.  

API-centric solution 

Many customers and partners expect telcos to provide an Amazon-like, instant order to provisioning experience. The integration of such processes through API-based automation can result in significant benefits for both operators and their partners, including reduced manual tasks, accelerated service delivery, greater operational efficiency, and improved customer/partner experience.

An API-centric, fully integrated BSS/OSS solution allows operators to rapidly quote, order, provision and invoice wholesale services across their network footprint.

Grow your business with Enxoo

Enxoo can help you to enhance the customer experience, increase productivity and operational efficiency by offering effective solutions and support on your business transformation journey. We are a team of experts in Digital Transformation, Automation, and OSS/BSS. We can advise you on how to realize your vision, making sure all systems and processes are in the right place so you can interact with your customers and other carriers in the best possible way.