How to avoid the pitfalls of a telco digital transformation

Telecoms organisations for the most part are ill-equipped to change. They are known for making investments and sweating assets or providing the underlying infrastructure for innovation. Today, many can see the end game of becoming a Digital Service Provider or vertical solution orchestrator but not how they’ll get there. How to avoid the pitfalls of digital transformation?

Telcos have been navigating transformation for a few years now, however, they’re still facing challenges which result in their transformation being less effective and efficient.

Transformation fails when organisations focus too much on silo’d and standalone transformation projects. There has to be a cohesive vision for the transformation journey and not just a one-and-done approach to updating legacy systems.

Decision making, planning, and execution must move with speed. It isn’t good enough to execute over several years when new players and competitors either don’t have legacy systems to deal with or are able to continually evolve their organisations.

Read the full article From Fail to Scale: Creating a Roadmap for Continual Telco Transformation by Enxoo CCO Artur Ostrowski here in Telecom Drive to learn about the pitfalls of digital transformation.

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