How to improve the customer experience with an effective order management process?

With the growing number of multi-channel transactions driven by new technologies, handling the order management process has become a real challenge for telecommunication companies. The delivery of a single product often involves hundreds of tasks, each with many smaller sub-tasks, that not only have to be distributed among hundreds of resources, but also in a timely manner. 

How to systematically manage the order management process to deliver the services on time and cost-efficiently? How to ensure high quality and customer satisfaction?

The right approach to achieve these goals is the automation of the order management cycle.

Take for example order fulfillment, a complex process that involves internal resources and their suppliers, covering many tasks related to:

– Services ordering

– Field services management

– Logistics

– Network construction and cabling

– Delivery installation of customer-premises equipment (CPE)

All these operations are prone to technical and human errors that can affect the quality of service level agreements (SLAs), and thus the relationship between operators and their partners. It is almost not feasible to avoid any failures, but it is possible to strike a balance between customer experience and business needs.

An orchestrated Order Management and Provisioning process is critical for a reliable, timely and consistent delivery of products and services. A properly adopted BSS platform integrated with OSS provides telecom operators with industry-specific order management workflows, enabling them to deliver services in a faster and more efficient way – all this with reduced manual overheads.  

Imagine a concert of a symphony orchestra without a conductor! Even the best group of professional musicians need a leader who guides them and sets the right flow of melody and tempo. The same is true for complex telecommunication processes where task orchestration tools have become indispensable.

The benefits of an automated order-to-cash cycle are vast:

– Reduced errors

– Improved service level

– Minimized revenue leakages

– Fully measured process 

– Enhanced service execution

– Improved customer experience and satisfaction

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