Lead generation – 1st touch of building a positive customer experience

Many customers get easily frustrated by stubborn marketers and salespeople trying to sell their telecom services, often offering inadequate products and solutions. Therefore, already at the very beginning of the customer journey, it is worth considering the use of specialized software tools that are designed to develop a customer segmentation strategy. This ensures more effective communication with different groups of customers and significantly increases the chances of a positive customer experience and improves the lead generation process.

When to pick fruit?

A skilled fruit grower knows exactly when to pick fruit and when it tastes best, it’s all about timing. In the world of marketing and sales, it should work in a similar way, knowing that a customer rarely makes a purchase decision at first contact, this usually takes time and good timing too. It also requires educating the customer about products and services. For this purpose, there are marketing automation platforms that are equipped with Lead Nurturing tools, helping to build relationships with potential customers.

By identifying the pain points and needs of each potential customer (supported by Marketing Automation and Lead Scoring tools), marketers and salespeople can focus their attention on the most promising leads and effective ways to reach out to them.

Data potential

With the increasing use of software and systems, the digital footprint of a business grows, generating an immense amount of data gathered from every single customer touchpoint throughout their journey across various channels. This data carries a lot of valuable information which can help to make the right and timely decisions. However, unlocking the business potential hidden in the data is one of the biggest challenges marketers are facing.

CRM – a single source of truth

Having a powerful CRM system in place helps to effectively manage all the data collected from prospects, leads, and customers. It provides businesses with a consolidated, 360 view of their accounts by target segment, allowing them to customize marketing and sales plans around those subgroups. Additional efficiency can be achieved by integrating the CRM platform with a marketing automation solution as this ensures the alignment of marketing and sales activities. In this way, the marketing team is able to evaluate the effectiveness of segment-specific campaigns and track demand digitally. The sales team benefits from an automated lead assignment process which ensures sufficient sales-ready leads are being moved through the funnel.

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