Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier launches its first MEF API-based business process automation in collaboration with Enxoo

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier has reached the important milestone of launching automated inter-carrier business processes using the MEF LSO Sonata APIs. The solution is part of a complex process automation project and covers service production workflow end-to-end for the company’s Access and Transport Services unit, from address validation all the way to service delivery. 

The automated workflow is introduced initially for new orders of ethernet services in Germany and will soon be extended to change orders and the service disconnection process. The architecture and functionalities were built out with the help of Enxoo as the professional system integrator chosen for the project. The solution is built on Salesforce’s Communications Cloud product and also utilizes Enxoo’s API Hub

We are happy to join the industry players who adopted the MEF LSO standards in practice and to participate in shaping the future of the telco world with a new more effective way of collaboration,” said Tamas Sandor, Vice President of Access and Transport Services at Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier. “Together with our customer we managed to utilize the MEF standards’ flexibility to successfully adjust our implementation to support our existing real-life processes. Going forward, we plan to extend the scope of our automation journey to other countries in Central and Eastern Europe.”

We are delighted to collaborate with Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier and contribute to this groundbreaking initiative,” commented Artur Ostrowski, Chief Commercial Officer at Enxoo. “Our partnership underscores our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that drive efficiency and excellence in the telecommunications industry. We are particularly pleased with the successful implementation of our solution and look forward to further advancing process automation together.

As part of its wider process automation project, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier will also replace its legacy automated quoting system E-Bonding with the help of Enxoo. The revamped quoting API will offer improved functionalities, yet the same interface infrastructure for all existing customers to ensure a smooth migration. Further plans include the introduction of a self-service customer portal where processes such as address validation, serviceability check, quoting, and order request submission will be built upon the MEF LSO workflows.

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