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Enxoo Accelerates Network API Implementation for Service Providers with MEF LSO APIs

October 12th, 2021

Enxoo supports MEF’s LSO standard-conformant APIs, enabling greater precision, better customer experience, and faster time to revenue for service providers

London, UK, 12 October 2021 – Enxoo, a Salesforce partner and leading provider of telecom-specific digital transformation solutions, has been recognised by MEF, a global industry association of network, cloud, and technology providers, as a level 1 Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) API solution provider. This program allows Enxoo to support service providers, both large and small, to fast track the implementation of LSO Sonata and LSO Cantata APIs, resulting in greater precision, better customer experience and faster time to revenue.  

With over 200 members, MEF is driving the development of a global federation of network, cloud and technology providers that supports dynamic, assured, and certified network services that power enterprise digital transformation. With MEF LSO automation APIs, Enxoo can support service providers throughout all stages of their LSO adoption journey, from evaluation and business-case development to the testing, production, and certification phases of implementation. Together, the APIs are enabling service providers of all sizes to immediately extend their reach and orchestrate services across partner networks with an API-first business model. 

“The challenge so far in the telecoms industry is that it has always been the largest players that have been able to develop and implement network APIs. This has left many of the small but critical players locked out of the API ecosystem,”’ said Artur Ostrowski, Chief Commercial Officer at Enxoo. “We are glad to be using our experience and expertise to offer service providers of all sizes LSO API technologies and deployments that accelerate implementation of LSO Sonata APIs. Through MEF’s solution provider program, we can work with service providers to free up internal resources, resulting in faster time to revenue for the entire telecoms ecosystem.”

MEF’s 3.0 Global Services Framework, which consists of services, LSO APIs, and certifications, enables digital service providers to develop, monetise, and scale services across an automated, inter-connected ecosystem. Alongside network, cloud, and technology providers, MEF has established standardized dynamic, assured, and certified services that empower enterprise digital transformation. 

“The LSO API Solution Providers program is one of many resources MEF offers to help service providers—both buyers and sellers—to accelerate the development and implementation of LSO APIs for service automation, within and between providers and enterprises,” said Daniel Bar-Lev, VP Strategic Programs, MEF. “Now, by engaging with an LSO API solution provider, service providers of all sizes can free up internal resources and realize faster time to revenue.”

Enxoo’s BSS framework is designed specifically for carriers to streamline the entire quote-to-cash cycle by automating internal processes and external interactions with customers and partners. The backbone of the solution consists of a telco-specific CPQ and a full-suite configurable product catalogue with service definition, pricing, and approval flows enabling creation of complex customized quotes. Enxoo’s cloud-based SaaS application, built natively on the Salesforce Platform, is equipped with built-in customer and partner-facing APIs.  

About Enxoo

Enxoo provides telecommunications-specific digital transformation solutions based on Salesforce technology. As one of the fastest-growing independent Salesforce partners since 2012, Enxoo’s mission is to provide a combination of solutions and consulting services to optimize sales cycles, support growth & revenue, and improve operational processes.

About MEF

MEF is a global industry association of network, cloud, and technology providers who together drive network transformation to power the digital economy. MEF develops service standards, LSO frameworks and APIs, and certification programs for services, technologies, APIs, and professionals. The MEF 3.0 Framework enables automated delivery of standardized Carrier Ethernet, IP, SD-WAN, SASE, and other digital services across multiple provider networks. For more information visit and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.  

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