PRESS RELEASES > Enxoo and Global Digital Transformation (GDX) announce strategic partnership to accelerate telecoms business growth through digital transformation

Enxoo and Global Digital Transformation (GDX) announce strategic partnership to accelerate telecoms business growth through digital transformation

July 16th, 2020

Enxoo, a leading provider of industry cloud solutions for telecommunications, and GDX, a top telecom consultancy, announced a partnership to help telecom operators to digitally transform their businesses.

GDX’s extensive experience in driving digital transformation projects in the communications sector and Enxoo’s advanced industry specific cloud solutions create a robust platform for wholesale and B2B telecom operators.

Enxoo for Communications, a fully native Salesforce® solution, provides telecom operators with accurate and fast quotations for complex products, outstanding operational visibility, and seamless service provisioning. In addition, it offers automation in the areas of customer management, product management, order management, service assurance and billing. The backbone of the solution consists of a CPQ engine and full-suite product catalogue with configurable products, pricing and approval rules.

Enxoo has enabled many telecoms worldwide to streamline their critical business processes migrating to a single Commerce platform.

GDX has partnered with Enxoo to offer an industry-specific, digital transformation platform. The platform was created based on years of experience, industry expertise and technical skills dedicated to automating crucial business processes.

“With GDX as the trusted partner for Enxoo, we now have a proven and comprehensive approach ideally addressing the most important wholesale and B2B telecoms business challenges in the global telecom arena”

Artur Ostrowski, Chief Commercial Officer at Enxoo

 “GDX has partnered with Enxoo in developing this solution and approach to enable our customers to more effectively compete in an era of commoditization of telecom services to help enhance the customer experience, and through those actions, help the industry achieve an agility and faster time to market than previously possible”

Janine Rebelo, Co-Founder at GDX Network

About Enxoo

Enxoo is a provider of industry-specific digital transformation solutions built on Salesforce® technology. Since 2012, it has set itself apart as one of Salesforce ® ’s premier independent solution partners with deployments across much of Europe and Asia. The Enxoo for Communications solution is designed to help increase revenue and sales performance for telecommunications companies by streamlining the lead-to-cash process – specifically for wholesale operations.

Enxoo also offers Skilo – a Salesforce ® -based performance and employee management application applicable to every business. Enxoo’s primary goal is to enable the growth of our clients’ businesses by unleashing the full potential of their organization. Enxoo is headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, with offices in the Czech Republic, Germany and the USA.

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About GDX – Global Digital Transformation, PTY.

GDX goes beyond simple consultancy. GDX works with customers to implement tangible capabilities that overcome current business challenges and help them thrive in a disrupted marketplace. In an industry facing declining prices and commoditization, GDX was founded to help telecoms digitally transform their businesses in order to reduce operating costs, develop innovative digital products and to bring value-add to their portfolios.

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Global Digital Transformation, PTY

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About Enxoo


We are Enxoo. A team of industry experts, business leaders, system architects and product designers who are passionate about growing communications and real estate businesses.


We create industry clouds for communications and real estate businesses. Having strong roots in the above two enables us to come in as partners and stay in close collaboration during the whole process digital transformation. We begin with clarifying client’s vision and planning the transformation journey. Once the course is set, we dive into implementing solutions that supercharge the business growth.



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