Enxoo Documents, the new app for easy, fast and automated document creation

Enxoo announces the launch of its new Salesforce-native application “Enxoo Documents” which is now available for sale on the AppExchange. The app allows for the easy generation of documents and can be used across industries by any enterprise that cares for the quality and consistency of their documents.

With Enxoo Documents, in just a few seconds, anyone in the company can create professional and customized documents such as quotes, contracts, invoices or letters, exporting to well-known Word or PDF formats.

Enxoo Documents eliminates errors caused by manual data entry and provides the possibility of standardizing the generation of mass documents, giving employees valuable time for other important tasks. 

Employees gain complete freedom in managing the content of their documents. They can easily create attractive tables, dynamic text or paste attractive images, helping them to express their company’s true brand identity and meet corporate standards.

Thanks to Enxoo Documents, companies will be viewed as shining examples by their customers, suppliers and partners.

The application is compatible with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community, Portals, Platform, Salesforce & Lightning, Enxoo for Communications.

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About Enxoo

Enxoo provides telecommunications-specific digital transformation solutions based on Salesforce® technology. It is one of the fastest growing independent Salesforce partners since 2012. Enxoo’s mission is to provide a combination of solutions and consulting services to optimize sales cycles, support growth & revenue, and improve operational processes. 

Enxoo’s advantage are its ready-to-use solutions that significantly extend standard Salesforce functionality. Enxoo for Communications (EFC) is the company’s flagship product for the telecommunications industry, allowing the automation of key business processes from sales, through to billing and customer service. Enxoo also offers a holistic HR application – Skilo, a performance & employee management tool for any type of organization. 

Enxoo is headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, with offices in the Czech Republic, Germany and the USA.