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NEXERA Launches Network API to Automate and Accelerate how Service Providers Connect Across Poland.

October 15th, 2020

NEXERA’s platform was developed in collaboration with Enxoo and delivers an API-centric operator model that increases the agility and speed for local players to interconnect. 

NEXERA, Poland’s first exclusively large-scale wholesale telecommunications operator, has launched a Network API that enables service providers to rapidly connect and deploy services across its infrastructure in Poland. Local service providers can use the API to extend their reach with visibility into inventory, automated processes and direct connectivity to one of Poland’s fastest growing high-capacity fibre-optic access networks. 

NEXERA’s platform was developed in collaboration with Enxoo, a leading provider of cloud-based solutions for the telecoms industry. The platform enables NEXERA to present its services via API while expanding its capabilities through consuming third-party APIs in the future. Enxoo helped to deploy the multi-cloud solution that includes the integration of OSS and BSS systems with Nexera’s network infrastructure. The platform was developed to comply with both the TM Forum and the Metro Ethernet Forum’s (MEF) standards and recommendations.  

“We are providing our partners with rapid access to network infrastructure across Poland. We’re removing the barriers to rolling out new services and automating processes to simplify and accelerate how they operate. Interoperability is crucial for the delivery of cohesive and consistent services across Poland and we’re proud to be enabling more partners to benefit from our services. Automation, APIs and seamless experiences are the foundation for the future of our industry, and we’re excited to be leading this initiative in Poland. We look forward to collaborating with new partners and supporting the delivery of innovative applications and services in the local market” 

said Jacek Wiśniewski, CEO at NEXERA.

NEXERA is the first and largest wholesale-only Fibre to the Home (FTTH) operator in Poland with a Next Generation Access network of the 1,000,000 HPs target coverage. Network development is partially financed with European Funds under the Digital Poland Operation Program (POPC) while the majority of the investment is covered by NEXERA shareholders: Infracapital and Nokia.

“NEXERA is a visionary in the Polish market and together we have rolled out automation, analytics and an API-first strategy across its operations. The launch of its Network API means it can rapidly serve new demand from its partners and enable them to connect and deliver applications and services seamlessly. As a member of the TM Forum as well as the MEF, we recommend and implement solutions based on their guidelines. This implementation for NEXERA is a milestone in the development of standards in Poland and accelerates how the market works together”

said Artur Ostrowski, Chief Commercial Officer at Enxoo.

The Network API has been submitted as a Proof of Concept to the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF). It has been launched and is operational with one of one of the largest Internet Service Providers in the Polish market.

“We are the first purely wholesale operator of this scale in Poland based solely on a fibre-optic network, cooperating with many retail operators. We give end customers the opportunity to use the offers of up to seven retail operators, which is unique in the international scale. Therefore, our ambition was to create a single, universal system, setting the standards of operation of entities on the telecommunications market. We are proud that we managed to successfully implement this innovative system”

said Tomasz Wójcik, Business Operations & IT Manager, NEXERA.


NEXERA is Poland’s first exclusively wholesale telecommunications operator developing a large scale fibre-optic access network (NGA) of high throughput (min. 100 Mb/s). The shareholders of NEXERA are companies operating on the global telecommunications market for many years: Infracapital and Nokia. 

On the basis of the Digital Poland Operational Programme (POPC), NEXERA is building an optical fibre network in 14 areas of central and north-eastern Poland. The programme aims to eliminate those places in the country that do not have access to very fast Internet and to counteract digital exclusion of EU citizens. Thanks to NEXERA’s activities, 1 000 000 households and almost 3 000 schools and educational units will be within the reach of the most modern fibre-optic network. All schools and over 311,000 households in this group will be covered by the NEXERA network thanks to the POPC funding. 

In 2019, NEXERA initiated its own report #RegionyNEXERY2019, which is the result of a survey conducted jointly with the GfK agency. The report is one of the most cross-sectional sources of knowledge about Polish Internet users in areas where broadband Internet access is lacking or limited (downloadable at #RegionyNEXERY). The survey and report will be carried out periodically.

The company won the title of “Innovator of the Year” in the Golden Antennas competition, organized as part of the 18th Symposium of the World Telecommunications and Infrastructure. It also received an award for the Best Implementation of the Cloud Service in the Best in Cloud 2019 competition, which is organized by the editors of Computerworld Polska

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