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Upp Selects Enxoo to Deploy a Cloud-based BSS solution that Puts Customers in Control of Their Next Level Broadband

September 21st, 2021

Enxoo has automated, integrated, and simplified back-end processes to support Upp’s £1 billion roll-out of fibre to more than 1 million premises across eastern England.

Warsaw, Poland; London, UK – 21 September 2021 – Enxoo, a Salesforce partner and leading provider of telecom-specific digital transformation solutions, has been selected by Upp, a new UK Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) provider rolling out next level broadband, to deliver its cloud-based BSS solution ‘Enxoo for Communications’. Enxoo also delivered the front and back-end development of, a fully responsive, mobile-ready website that captures data from visitors and customers directly in the BSS. The website features an innovative customer portal for self-service, troubleshooting, billing, and FAQs for the customer.  

Upp’s consumer and business customers benefit from Web-to-Lead and Web-to-Order functionality on its website. Through customers can check service availability, buy products, upgrade their packages and make or change appointments with service engineers. The seamless integration of Enxoo for Communications with various Salesforce platforms, ERP and other systems provides Upp with a fully automated Lead-to-Cash cycle with zero-touch processes, ensuring full data transparency, operational visibility and efficiency.

“Upp has made a commitment to customers that will differentiate its offering and deliver seamless experiences. In less than six months, we developed and delivered a solution that has an immediate impact on how customers engage with Upp,” said Artur Ostrowski, Chief Commercial Officer at Enxoo. “We’re seeing a growing number of FTTH providers recognise the opportunity to automate their sales, marketing and back-office processes. They’re putting fibre in the ground but also streamlining how customers consume their products.” 

Upp is a new FTTH operator in the UK with plans to invest £1 billion to roll-out a full fibre network to more than 1 million premises by 2025 in eastern England. Upp has support from investment group LetterOne and is deploying its own regional fibre backhaul networks to capitalise on the growing demand for ultrafast broadband in underserved towns and communities. 

“We started Upp at the beginning of 2021 and went live with the Enxoo-delivered Salesforce solution six months later – all accomplished without a single meeting in-person,” said Alex Marshall, Co-Founder and CTIO at Upp. “That is a remarkable pace and a testament to Enxoo’s highly skilled team. They are as enthusiastic to be part of our project and our ambitions as we are.”

Enxoo’s BSS solution is built on the Salesforce platform and features a Product Catalogue, CPQ, Order Management and Service Assurance. The BSS interacts with the website where customers are able to check the availability of services, buy products and manage services. The Enxoo solution is API-ready and will enable seamless communication with UPP’s partners and suppliers.

About Upp

Founded in early 2021, Upp is a newcomer to the UK telecoms market, offering next level broadband to consumers and local businesses in underserved towns and areas across the East of England. Upp’s full-fibre network was designed as a Multi Service Network (MNC), capable of providing a range of services including broadband, voice, leased lines and dark fibre services. Upp’s full-fibre Fibre-To-The-Premise (FTTP) network is used to compete with well-established providers such as Openreach, and new entrants on an end-to-end basis. 

About Enxoo

Enxoo provides telecommunications-specific digital transformation solutions based on Salesforce technology. As one of the fastest growing independent Salesforce partners since 2012, Enxoo’s mission is to provide a combination of solutions and consulting services to optimize sales cycles, support growth & revenue, and improve operational processes.

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