Giving Back

At Enxoo, we’re always happy to engage in projects that have a positive impact on the world around us. We take pride in raising the bar for corporate social responsibility to a higher level, going beyond the occasional donation.

Whether it’s working to empower women in technology or volunteering to serve those in need,
our greatest satisfaction comes from contributing our time, resources and energy to work for a
good cause. We know that changing the world isn’t about grandiose acts, it’s about day-to-day
activities that bring us closer together and make an impact in our communities.



Krzysztof Zych, CEO

“We know that helping others is contagious - and actually, we do not need any special occasion to help others.”

NGO Fundraising App

Together with Salesforce, we provide easy access to the modern CRM solution on favorable conditions (Enxoo rates with no profit and discounted prices for Salesforce licenses).
Our engagement covers both setting up a brand new Salesforce org from scratch and delivering further improvements of the already implemented functionalities.



We dare to care!

We participate in many different actions and we have regular events throughout the year. This aims to help others and also ourselves.

CSR is important for the community but equally significant for a company. Enxoo employees take part in these activities, which results in building a stronger bond between them, as well as a feeling of being more connected with the world around them.

Maybe we don’t change the whole world, but we can give a small piece of time and our engagement to make a difference around us.

We have this superpower and together we can do more!

Our Impact

8000 hours

nearly 8,000 hours for the Foundation over the last 5 years

30 charity events

more than 30 charity events for various organizations since 2017

100 000 PLN

collected almost 100 000 PLN and donated to charity

Eco Vadis

We take responsibility for our actions and want to be transparent for our partners&customers. EcoVadis helps us evaluate our CSR initiatives. It includes 21 CSR indicators across 4 main topics: Environment, Labor, Human Rights, and Ethics&Sustainable Procurement.


Contact our HR!️️

Hi, I’m Monika
If you would like to ask anything regarding CSR/ voluntary actions
Just send me a message: [email protected]
I am happy to help


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