HGC streamlines lead-to-cash cycle of its international carrier business

HGC collaborates with Enxoo to accelerate digital transformation and deliver better customer experience.

About Client

HGC is a leading Hong Kong and international fixed-line operator. The company provides telecom infrastructure services to other operators and full-fledged telecom, data center services as well as ICT solutions and broadband services for local, overseas, corporate, and mass markets.

The Challenge

HGC recognized the need to automate the lead-to-order cycle of its international carrier business, which was manual, paper-based, and inefficient.

HGC lacked operational visibility and a full customer view due to organizational silos and complex communication- specific processes.

The vendor management process was not fully automated and therefore time-consuming, generating additional overheads.

HGC needed a solution that had to align with its Corporate digital strategy, focusing on open platforms with flexible services that can be reused and deployed quickly.

Products Used

The Solution

Enxoo provided HGC with its Salesforce-native Enxoo for Communications solution which is tailored to the specific needs of the B2B and wholesale telecoms industry.

EFC automates HGC’s business processes in the fields of customer management, product management, request handling, offer preparation, order fulfillment, service assurance, and reporting.

The solution streamlines the vendor management process with automated bids collection and vendor rating.

The API-first approach allows the integration with third-party platforms, providing customers and partners with access to HGC’s product catalog and pricing.

The Results

The open platform allows HGC to use a single ecosystem to quickly respond to customer requests for prices and quotes for complex solutions, providing greater flexibility, and facilitating efficient business decisions.

The vendor management functionality provides HGC with an automated and simplified process for selecting the best offers and managing suppliers effectively.

The solution enables customers to self-service and to automate their procurement,  buying, and order processes, helping HGC to elevate the customer experience to a new level. 

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