How to enhance operational efficiency in the telecom industry?

Telecom businesses today must be flexible and agile to successfully compete in an increasingly challenging market environment, or they risk failure. Enxoo’s observations show that many operators are not able to respond quickly to rapidly changing market conditions because they still rely on manual processes, disconnected systems and legacy IT infrastructure.

Take for example a Fibre-To-The-Home wholesale business where interactions between operators and their service provider partners can generate thousands or even millions of events per day. In this case, automation, open APIs, and trouble-free operations form the three pillars of future success, allowing the business to achieve flexibility and agility, ensuring a quick return on investment.

Let’s take a closer look at how this can be realized:

1) Embrace a zero-touch approach

Enxoo for Communications supports zero-touch processes, enabling rapidly quoting, provisioning and invoicing of wholesale services across the network, minimizing human intervention and eliminating errors. Operators gain the freedom to effectively manage the cooperation with their partners and to rapidly deliver services throughout their networks.

2) Get real-time visibility on your order pipeline

A streamlined order management process gives operators access to actual and well-structured data, allowing them to keep the order pipeline and network resources inventory in sync.  The result is a reliable, timely, and consistent delivery of products and services.

3) Automate your SLA management

Save time spent manually crunching data by automatically generating, monitoring, and reporting your SLAs. Detect issues impacting your SLAs proactively and resolve them quickly to maintain higher customer satisfaction.

4) Optimize your reaction time to incidents

Control and organise complex workflows in the areas of incident and problem management thanks to Automated Support Plans. Introduce agility in addressing all your SLAs by defining automated, partner-specific steps for solving particular incidents, reducing the number of penalties.

What are the benefits of flexible and agile business operations? 

– Improved operational efficiency and performance

– Reduced operational costs and overheads 

– Smarter decision-making process based on real and complete data

– Increased customer satisfaction

Grow your business with Enxoo

Enxoo can help you to enhance the customer experience, increase productivity and operational efficiency by offering effective solutions and support on your business transformation journey. We are a team of experts in Digital Transformation, Automation, and OSS/BSS. We can advise you on how to realize your vision, making sure all systems and processes are in the right place so you can interact with your customers and other carriers in the best possible way.